Happy 2017! I hope you and yours have enjoyed the holiday season and are looking forward to the inspiration a new year brings.

I am excited to venture into more avenues as an athlete in the coming year. There have been one or two changes for me personally and professionally since I rang in 2016 and I know that in the next 365 days there will be many more, which is why I’ve started this site. Each day brings a new change, lesson, and/or understanding, so that’s at least 365 exciting changes…and that’s not even considering the plans I have in store!! All that said, it sounds simple, but simplicity isn’t necessarily easy. The journey kinda looks like the pic…uaj2zjg…to me it can easily represent a day, a week, a month, a year. There’s never highs without lows, but that at least means lots of learning! Simple, not easy.

Now the biggest…and maybe most challenging one for me is more communication on my training, events, ideas, etc. via this page and my Instagram. Nora, my girlfriend (one of those big changes in 2016!), has been a huge help in my improved social media effort. We’re not only continuing that (on an even bigger level obviously) for me with now this page (look for my introduction soon to learn more about the journey to this point!)  as well as my Facebook CC: T1DAthlete page, but we’re planning and working on some big entrepreneurial goals to roll out in 2017!!! Be on the lookout in the next month for some exciting changes, events, and announcements!



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