I’m still working on that more personal bio-blog post for y’all, but I’ve got some exciting news that I want to make sure to share ASAP!…even if we don’t have all the details yet. Friends of ours reached out to Nora yesterday regarding a fundraiser for their daughter who was diagnosed with T1D almost a year ago now. They’ve asked for our volunteer skills, so yours truly will be the events MC! We’re beyond excited for many reasons, but mostly because these are good friends of ours and it’s something we can help with here in Tallahassee. That’s been a big deal for me when I moved down here a year ago, as well as for Nora when we started dating and has supported my advocating. There’s so much potential with all of our resources, so as we get more information we will post it ASAP. In the meantime meet Jaisa and learn why there’ll be a Diaversary Fundraiser for her here.
I’ll also be adding a badge to the site and my facebook page to make it easier to donate as well as track the process of Jaisa’s fundraiser!
Nora is meeting with our friends and fellow volunteers this weekend. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend that first meeting due to a swim meet for the club, but we’re both stoked for all the fun to be had this weekend for sure! Again, more info to come so keep checking back here and on our events page.

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