It’s been great starting this site and implementing the action I’ve had circling in my head for so long. That of course doesn’t come with out changes or diversions in plans. For example my goal was to write once a week and have my LLC registered by 1/31/17. I wrote three times in January and one of those is still in draft mode, and my LLC…well we’re typically busy in general, but there have been a few additional highly stressful unplanned events that are taking up a lot of time. The key is all about how to manage time. It helps lessen the stress when those random, not so fun instances pop up, and regularly managing time helps turn your everyday tasks into the future goals you crush!

February was, and is, going to be a busy, jam-packed month!!!…but our first event with the American Diabetes Association has already been postponed. Hopefully Nora and I can join them for the rescheduled First Coast Tour de Cure Kickoff event at a later date! We both really enjoyed the corporate sponsor event with the Jacksonville ADA chapter back in December, so continuing to be a part of that community will be great!

I’ll be heading down to the Orlando area next week for my good friends event 2017-fine-wine-for-a-fine-cause-flyer as a fundraiser for the Tour de Cure at Lake Nona. Had a great time at this event last year and looking forward to this years for sure!

And then…one of my favorite times of the year. Ultraman Florida. Still up in the air on if this is a possibility because Nora and I are part of a fundraising event on the 19th! It’s a LOCAL event, which is huge for us, and it’s benefiting friends of ours in their quest to get their daughter Jaisa, who was diagnosed a year ago tomorrow (!!) with Type 1, a diabetic alert dog. On the Home page you’ll notice a call to action button to support our causes…that will take you to Jaisa’s donor page with SWDR. There’s also a space where we’re counting down the days to the event! It’s going to be a new experience for Nora and I, but we’re excited and enjoying the learning process of helping to organize a fundraiser…and learning the official rules of cornhole! Yup! Cornhole!

Building the T1D community here in Tallahassee is something we’d both love to see happen, and this is a great step in that direction! We know of so many different segments of T1D advocates here in Tallahassee, so reaching out to those connections to engage in a unified event is definitely a way to start that evolution and growth here.

What’s crazy is that’s just the advocacy side of life for February. The swim club is doing well, and the foundation built in 2016 is really making for some awesome opportunities now in 2017. We did a lot in January to continue laying that foundation with a new website which streams line the teams management platform…something I’ve been trying to make happen since I took over as head coach this time last year. The site is still being updated with the customization we’ve requested, and Nora and I are learning the ins and outs of the management side of the platform to make it as user friendly for our swimmers and the parents as possible, while also making the business flow way more efficient. So now all those awesome opportunities I mentioned earlier, will be even easier to implement! Goes back to that time management piece earlier as well. Dig it!

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