For those of us with Type 1 diabetes, every day is diabetes  awareness day – our friends and family can attest to that. Same goes for our co-workers because in order ensure our safety every second of every day, anyone who is going to be spending extensive time with us should and needs to know our signs and what to do if we can’t help ourselves.

But Diabetes Awareness Month is even more powerful because it is an entire month of our collective voices – those of us with T1D and those impacted by it – to help better educate each other and the rest of the world about what we live with everyday.

Nora and I are making sure that my social media platforms are stocked with information everyday this month from some of our favorite sources, but we also wanted to be sure to share some recent images and experiences because while this month is a collective narrative of diabetes awareness, we have our own voices. I have my own story with Type 1 diabetes. Nora, although tied to mine, also has her own story. Our goal is to increase our interaction with y’all – we all have our own voices!

Nora’s also hoping to help tell another story of a T1D here in Jacksonville in need of help. Check back soon for more on that story, what we’ve been up to, and are planning in 2018! We’re looking forward to learning more about our friends and sharing this collective experience with our fellow T1Ds and those impacted by Type 1 diabetes.

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