Alright – here we are. World Diabetes Day 2017. What have you learned? What have you shared? I can tell you right now, my wife was dedicated. She’ll be taking over this blog here in a second to tell you about someone who reached out to her work, and she’ll tell you that she didn’t do enough – it’s awesome AND…it’s something.

Before we get into that though, we are teasing some exciting things for y’all to be on the look out for in the next few weeks, month and a half or so…if you saw by social media accounts this afternoon they basically gave it away. I’m excited about it and man – Nora is ecstatic about it as it gets her back into a realm she really enjoys. In case you have seen, here’s the hint:


Hey everyone! Happy World Diabetes Day! Thanks for following along and interacting with us during our ramped up posting especially for #WDD – but we’re setting a precedent for CLCT1D from here on out with our little video tease. Expect more content – not just us sharing awesome stuff we’ve found in the T1D community, but our own original content that we want and encourage y’all to interact with us on. That communication and interaction is the only way we’re going to get better and grow! And boy do we have ideas and plans in the works to do more and reach more people who are looking for resources or just a like-minded community to feel comfortable in.

And that brings me to Lauren, who reached out to my work and was fortunate enough (I guess) to get me, about her friend Diane who also lives in Jacksonville and has Type 1 Diabetes. Diane was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as an adult and only lived with T1D for two years now. She learned the ins and outs of the disease and took care of herself diligently during that time, but life isn’t always easy – Type 1 Diabetes is never easy no matter how well you take care of yourself. Diane ended up in the ICU and was prescribed an insulin pump to help control the erratic blood sugar levels she was so desperately working to control. GREAT NEWS! Right? Not necessarily. Like my wonderful Chris did for many years until we were married in the spring, Diane is living with Type 1 Diabetes without insurance. It’s a challenging reality many with Type 1 Diabetes are faced with on a daily basis – what insurance will cover them? Can they even afford insurance if they’ll be covered? Once insurance is affordable, what about the actual cost of supplies and insulin? We all know the reality too well unfortunately. Please help Chris and I pay it forward to Diane, by at least being able to have the opportunity to try an insulin pump to help regulate her blood sugars better. We helped in a campaign to get dear little Jaisa $25k for her diabetic alert dog (update on that soon from Jaisa!) – we can sure help raise the $3,300 goal for Diane’s insulin pump.

Here is Diane’s GoFundMe page. Please, like us if you don’t have a lot, even a few bucks like what we donated will help, and hopefully help inspire someone else to donate either a little from the little they have or maybe more. Hopefully more. Lauren and Diane, if you are reading this, we’ll be in touch. We’d love to have y’all on our upcoming podcast when it launches!

Some quick updates on some upcoming events:

  • Chris and I will also be attending the JDRF Type One Summit in January here in Jacksonville. We have a great time at the one in Orlando in August that we attended with our good friends the Rosser’s.
  • We’re looking into the American Diabetes Association Step Out to Walk event here in Jacksonville this Saturday – schedules pending on this, but we’ll definitely announce on social media.

Let us know of any events or anyone you think we should know about – we want to not only be active here in our community, but across Florida, the country, and no we’re not shy about saying it – the world!


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