I recently posted on Facebook about my Instagram top 9 recap of 2017. Decided to expand on my weekly recaps here for more ease.

Well here’s today’s images and reflection:


The first main picture was a fun one! This was from July 16. My wife, Nora, had signed me up for a sprint triathlon held at Fernandina Beach, just north of Jacksonville.  The pic was taken as I was getting ready to race, so I had those pre-race jitters kicking in, but I was very excited to toe the line again in a short & fun race. It was also the the first time I tried something for my recent delve into the world of insulin pumps – StayPut Medical tape. Game changer. Not only great for race day, but I find it useful for my everyday active lifestyle. My first StayPut post, but definitely not my last! Nora’s parents came over from Tallahassee to watch me race and get in on the triathlon experience.  After the race we all took in the scenes from the beautiful beach venue before heading to a post race meal at The Patio Place. Nora and I had just ventured into plant-based eating and it was a perfect fit. Looking forward to going back to try more! It was one of the good days 2017 had to offer – a good reminder to put yourself back out there and have fun!

The second pic is from my 14th Diaversary – June 14!  Nora and I had moved to Jacksonville a couple of months prior and a friend tipped us off to Biscotti’s, a great local restaurant that serves gluten-free dishes AND deserts in the Riverside district of Jacksonville.  As a Type 1 Diabetic I have an unusual relationship with sugar & sweets and because Nora has Celiac she can’t eaten anything with gluten.  Though I try to keep my sugar intake fairly minimal, sugar does has the ability to save my life should my blood glucose levels fall too low. I’m usually pretty good around the holiday time of year, and Halloween, but there is one day of the year that I give myself to indulge in whatever sweet treats I may fancy- my Diaversary!!!  I make sure to test my blood glucose levels even more than I normally do and I make sure to account for the extra sugars I sometimes take in on that day.  I don’t go crazy every year but there have been a few times when I have to admit that I overindulged.  Last year was great… I got to eat a delicious meal with my incredible wife, before digging into that huge piece of chocolate, peanut butter cake. It was sooooo good!! Nora planned on taking me for a nice dinner and desert there for my diaversary, but because of her work schedule we eat dinner early and made it to the restaurant around 3/3:30 in the afternoon before they started serving dinner. We were disappointed, and honestly still haven’t made it late enough to try their dinner menu, but that like my diaversary are times when it’s great to remember to get out of your norm, as well as to go with the flow in order to truly enjoy what life offers up.

The third picture was taken while Umish, our Boston terrier, was taking a nap on his now best friend, Penguin, on “national pet day”.  We got Penguin for Umish on his birthday, and how he picked out for himself is too much! My mom, Nora and I had coffee at Starbucks earlier where Umish  had his first “Pupachino” (seriously, it’s a thing!!! Basically, it’s just whip cream in a cup, but he LOVED it!). Afterwards we headed to a pet store to see if there were any toys Umish may want. He’s pretty particular about his toys so instead of surprising him with something he’d never play with, we usually bring him with us to see if there’s anything that interests him.  It was just after Christmas, so there were a bunch of old holiday toys on sale and Umish strutted right up to Penguin, grabbed him by his beak, and tried to walk him toward the register.  Yes, Penguin is twice the size of Umish, but it was a great fit and he only cost $6!! We gave Penguin his truly original name just like Umish’s other toys- Piggie (a pig), Piggles (another pig), Yoda (Yoda)… you get the picture, right?! Those little moments hanging with Umish and Penguin have meant the world to me during a very stressful time- he is our family. While he is not technically a diabetic alert dog, I like to call him mine because of the connection we have which has put a smile on my face during days where nothing really would’ve otherwise.

Looking forward to more races, another year around the sun, and even more quality family time in 2018. Nora and I are also looking forward to many more happy planned and spontaneous moments this year that I think we’ll appreciate even more because of both good moments like these in 2017, and the tougher times too.

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