My next three pics carry with them a lot of what I hope to accomplish within my lifetime…


The first pic is of a product that I support because it has worked for me & helped me in keeping my OmniPod insulin pump on my body.  The blue tape you see is from StayPut Medical, which my Omnipod rep turned me onto before my race in July. This pic I took after a hot humid run in late September to show how even after sweating like I do in the Florida heat & humidity, my Pod was still firmly stuck to the back of my arm. Those first few months of trying their product was super helpful! Full disclosure, I am not sponsored by StayPut Medical & they are not supporting this post, but they did give me a free sample batch of their product while I was at the Type One Summit in Orlando.  They were giving away samples to anyone who wanted to try them & they continually have great sales on what I think is a really great product.  I used to work in physical therapy (on the business side, not as a physical therapist) and we used a product called kenisio tape to help patients.  You may have seen this product on world class athletes at the Olympics.  I know both tennis players and track & field athletes are highly visible with the intricate patterns of kenisio.  Well, StayPut Medical partnered with kenisio tape to make a highly effective product with two patterns: one for OmniPods & one for Dexcom users.  I hope this helps educate those readers who have been searching for something breathable, durable, and lasts.  You can cut the tape if it’s too big, or get creative with it if it’s too simple for your unique style.  But I hope this helps help’s others as well.

The second pic is from an ADA event that my wife, Nora, Umish & I attended here in Jacksonville.  As we are fairly new to the Jacksonville area the event provided a great opportunity to get out & meet others affected by T1D (both the Diabetics themselves, as well as family & friends, and organizations who share a common goal of helping others in need).  It was very empowering to see so many strong people came out to share their stories.  The UNF baseball team came out to walk, and the UNF cheerleaders even came out to cheer everyone on!  It never ceases to amaze me how many people are touched by this disease.  We were also able to catch up with some friends from Orlando who had driven up to oversee the event.  Event’s like these are part of the reason we became interested in Jacksonville before we moved, so we’re really looking forward to many more – in fact we’re going to the JDRF Type One summit here in Jax tomorrow!

The third pic is meant to inspire.  It’s a screen shot I took because I believe it sums up the reality in which most diabetics live.  Even when everything is going your way, your blood sugars are in range, & your diet/exercise/sleep patterns are all on point, we still live on a tightrope with death lurking just behind us.  Type 1 Diabetes is the only disease I know of where patients & their caregivers are making dosing decisions for a drug that could kill you- and they are making these decisions 24/7/365!!!

Educate. Empower. Inspire. Seems simple, but there’s a lot of it needed in the Type 1 community. Looking forward to tackling these now and for many days to come. Speaking of tackling things – Nora and I recorded our first podcast! More to come on that front VERY soon!

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