The last three pics from my 2017 recap are VERY special.  And with the launch of our podcast coming up, I am very excited to share these memories with you now because they actually set up a good foundation for the first couple of episodes of the podcast. This whole recap does really – funny how that works out! Alright, well here they are:


The top left picture is actually three. I had the privilege of emceeing a very special event for a very special friend of ours. It was a corn hole tournament and silent auction in Tallahassee almost a year ago now that was raising money for our friend Jaisas’ diabetic alert dog. Jaisa was diagnosed two years now. She just had her Diaversary on Feb. 3. Nora and I actually just Facetimed with Jaisa Monday to check-in with here. More on that soon – back to the pic! Anyone who knows me knows that at I kinda have a gift for gab! Friends that I ride or run with know my passions for sport, health & wellness, nutrition, and yes – Type 1 Diabetes advocacy.  So, given a microphone and the opportunity to help raise funds for a diabetic alert dog & T1D awareness was right up my alley.  The event was a blast and wildly successful raising just over $17,000 of the $25,000 needed! Jaisa, friends, and family held another event in April we weren’t able to make it to because of our move to Jacksonville, but that evening we received a wonderful call from Jaisa who told us they’d raised the last bit of money! Nora was in tears instantly and we couldn’t have been happier – fast forward to our Facetime on Monday: Jaisa received her diabetic alert dog last week! But…the vet in Tallahassee detected a heart murmur, so Glaze (the D.A.D.) had to be sent back to the trainers and Jaisa will receive another soon!

In the second picture, you will see a familiar face – Umish “the Dragon Slayer” of C-Lark. Again, as you will hear in our upcoming podcast, my wife Nora & I, were married last year and as you may have gathered, Umish, was our ring dog. Nora & I eloped on March 17th, 2017.  We had a small service at the fountain in front of Wescott on FSU’s campus.  It was small, intimate, & perfect for the two of us. Umish obviously stole the show with his Garnet & Gold FSU collar & matching Chief Oceola harness (yes, it was a very Garnet & Gold themed wedding… more details on this at a later time), but I have to admit that he looked very handsome carrying our rose gold Elsa Peretti wedding bands from Tiffany & Co.!  I am not a huge jewelry person but I do have a soft spot for Tiffany & Co.

The third & final picture sums up a lot for me. As an ultra-endurance athlete I am used to spending lots of time training by myself. I like my alone time as it gives me time to process what is going on in my life and helps me be present in the moment. My creative side tends to come alive more when I’m training. Given so much time in the saddle while riding with friends or running some beautiful trails, I find lots of great (and sometimes terrible) ideas coming forth.  As I am not a professional athlete, I do have a full-time job that takes up much of my time and now days, with my work schedule changing every week, it becomes very difficult to find times like the one here; A moment on the couch with my best friend & our amazingly pitiful Boston Terrier.

As you’ve been able to tell there are some trends in my life – family, friends, advocacy, and training. I’m finding that without a good balance of these, life can feel a little more difficult. It’s been something I’ve learned throughout the last year I realize now as I’ve recapped through these photos, and it’s exactly why Nora and I are starting the podcast and non-profit – we want to help others through what we’ve learned and help be a part of a community that works together!

Check back in for the podcasts – they’re coming REAL soon!!!

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