Boom. Clap. Dig it! Here we go – we made it to SoundCloud before March 1!

And now we’re FINALLY official on iTunes!!!! Check it out:

Podcast notes:

What IS Type 1 Diabetes? We like the information on Beyond Type 1‘s website, so check that out for more intricate details on the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and see what managing Type 1 looks like day to day.

What is UltraMan Florida? It’s basically a Double Iron Man – easy right?! UMFL is a 3 day stage race with Day 1 consisting of a 10K swim followed by a 90 mile bike ride, Day 2 is a 172 mile bike ride, and Day 3 rounds out the competition with a double marathon (52.4 mile run). MORE on UMFL.

How did Chris do at UMFL in 2015? He placed 6th overall, but click here for his full race breakdown.

Check out the 2015 & 2016 section of our Press tab for the video Nora made with FSU Headlines on Chris’s UMFL appearance as well as the articles written on the research, and then the research link under the 2017 section!

Interested to know more about our friend Luke in Orlando? He’s also featured under the Press tab, or you can like his Facebook page!

If you really want to get to know more about me and Nora as a couple, we do have a “wedding website” still going for our renuptials…more on that in episode two of the podcast. My favorite part about the site are our wedding photos – totally worth checking out thanks to our friend Collin Abbey and his incredible work!

Something else grabbed your attention in the podcast you don’t see here? Comment below and we’ll get back with you and/or add to the notes! Look forward to hearing from y’all and getting your feedback.

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