Well – There have been a few set backs since we launch our podcast in March, but we’ve been working on updating y’all – and thanks to some good news, we’re able to update y’all sooner…

As of Sunday, I’ve been invited to compete in Ultraman Florida in February!

There is a LOT to be done in this short amount of time, but Nora and I are beyond excited for the opportunity because this isn’t just a race for us – this event holds special meaning and a lot of potential. If you don’t remember or know, Ultraman 2015 had several huge impacts on my life and on the diabetes community (Nora and I talk a lot about that in the first couple of episodes of the TypeNone Podcast).

The most immediate impact come from meeting Luke Rosser who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes just weeks before the race. Our encounter that weekend seemed to inspire Luke – he went on to become the USA Triathlon Age 14 Group Champion in 2016! He’s also an amazing advocate for the Type 1 community. Nora and I talked with him in March about his journey on the TypeNone Podcast.

Another benefit was of course meeting my wife, Nora, who was tasked with telling my story for FSU News!

We hope to have an even bigger impact on the diabetes community with this opportunity, so if you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities please contact us! We’ll have more information coming out soon, but in the meantime if you’d like to donate click here (501Cs status pending!).

In terms of our other updates – still a lot going on, but Nora is very open about it and I will let her share more soon. For now, she is preparing for her second surgery due to Endometriosis, but we are optimistic for a positive outcome thanks to some of the top care available in the South East for Endometriosis being available in Jacksonville.

We look forward to sharing all these experiences with you!

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