We’re nearly 2 months into Chris’s training post invitation to Ultraman Florida 2019 and a LOT has transpired – that said, we seem to have a lot transpire frequently, but luckily this is good news and fun! Chris and Nora talk about where and how the invitation took place and the start of Clark Communication’s Group, the certified 501c3 nonprofit they’ve been dreaming up ever since they met. There’s a little – OK a LOT of backstory to having gotten to this point, so we recall some of what’s happened since the last episode of the TypeNone Podcast that was posted in April. How can you be a part of their first campaign to bring awareness to Type 1 diabetes as well as inspire, educate and empower those impacted by T1D?! Well, we finish up the podcast with those details and if you’re interested in learning more about sponsorship or investment opportunities email us at typenoneccg@gmail.com or if you want to donate now click HERE. Our first fundraising campaign – $100, 100 Days – starts on Nov. 1! We’ve also started a newsletter so you can get updates straight to your inbox – signup HERE!

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