It’s been just over a week since I returned home from training camp to help prep for Ultraman 2019. Nora and I sat down for my take-aways in Episode 6 of the TypeNone Podcast. I break down everything from preparing for the 3 day camp (I had 6 bags of food, clothes, and gear to get me through!) to the camaraderie  of UltraMan and why Ohana makes up one of the pillars of the race.

Of course we also talk about our goal with UltraMan Florida in how it relates to our nonprofit, CCG. We’re at the very beginning of this starting line in what we’re creating, but we’re incredibly excited and motivated to be on this journey. Creating something like what we’re dreaming of is NOT easy, but definitely worth while. So we’ll continue to plug supporting us because this first year is us building a foundation and we’ve got really big things planned for the next 5 to 10 years.  In order to make that happen we’ve gotta have a good foundation for this nonprofit. So how can you be a part of TypeNone CCG and our first campaign to bring awareness to Type 1 diabetes as well as inspire, educate and empower those impacted by T1D?! Well, if you’re interested in learning more about sponsorship or investment opportunities email us at or if you want to donate now click HERE. We’ve also started a newsletter so you can get updates straight to your inbox – signup HERE!

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