Happy 2019!

As happens with the holidays, time flew by and it’s hard to believe we’re heading into the second full week of the new year. So before time continues on we wanted to make sure we get a podcast episode with a little recap of 2018, but to really concentrate on some developments since our last podcast in early December (nearly a month ago now!).

This time next month Chris will be in Orlando prepping for UMFL, so we’re also working to get Episode 8 finalized so we can talk about what’s left to do before UMFL and what CCG is aiming to do the rest of 2019.

We’re excited for how most of 2018 ended, and we’re looking forward to what’s in store for 2019 – and we’re excited to have you along on this journey!

Special thanks to Clermont Bicycles for the amazing work they did for Chris to get him race ready! Another amazing shout out to our dear friends the Rossers’ – they’re providing a roof over our heads as well as our crew during UMFL and that is an amazing undertaking.

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