The first Type 1 Diabetic to complete the Ultraman Florida Race, Chris Clark is an enthusiastic athlete, coach, and health advocate. The former FSU collegiate swimmer picked up biking and running after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and hearing two Type 1 diabetic triathletes speak about training with T1D. Chris journeyed from triathlons to endurance events to ultra-endurance events, finishing 6th in the 2015 Ultraman Florida competition, and now has his sights set on a few more ultra-endurance events around the world.

When he’s not training, Chris is co-running Clark Communications Group, a nonprofit organization he and his wife Nora founded to help Inspire, Educate and Empower those living with and impacted by Type 1 Diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Chris has been a keynote speaker at numerous American Diabetes Association events in Jacksonville and south Florida, involved with numerous ADA and JDRF events in South Carolina, where he previously lived, as well as in Tallahassee, Jacksonville and south Florida.

Chris is currently an ambassador for Nuun and Bike Law. Chris was previously a member of the elite athlete team with Team Novo Nordisk before the program was cut, and was also previously an ambassador for Salming.