My wife and I are now following a plant-based diet and we’re really enjoying exploring new recipes as well as converting some of our favorite meals into healthier plant-based (and gluten-free) versions.

We’ve been compiling our weekly meal plans for the past few months and will be sharing those recipes here very soon.

One of the main reasons we chose to switch to a plant-based lifestyle is simply knowing what we are putting into our bodies. Nora took that a step further to fine tune my diabetes management even more and bought us an amazing food scale that displays the nutrient content/value of the exact amount you measure out – no more guessing and/or approximating on my carbs and sugar for all the meals we make from scratch!

Going plant-based has been enjoyable for us – we even use some of Nora’s paleo cookbooks still, but just substitute the animal products. We have invested in a few vegan/plant-based cookbooks we enjoy and you’ll see some recipes from those, but with our own twist – so be sure to check back in… there’s more to come soon!

(In the meantime, checkout my social media feeds below – can’t help but post and tweet a good meal on the fly!)