There are a number of causes that I believe in for numerous reasons, and I will feature them in the call to action button on the Home page as well as the Event widget that displays on each page with a count down to a certain event date, but this is where you can find links to support the different causes at any time.

Right now we gearing up for our first campaign – TypeNone! I’ll be participating in Ultraman Florida for the second time in February 2019 as a way of fulfilling part of our nonprofit mission – Inspiring!  We’ll continue this campaign by Educating! We’re working to set up educational trainings for local law enforcement and first responders, many of who are tasked with assisting in races, about T1D since so many of us are active and becoming more active. We are calling on you, our support to help us Empower one another by helping us spread the word of this endeavor and our first fundraising campaign, $100 for 100 days where our goal is to raise $100 for the next 100 days starting Nov. 1. Just select the donate button on our home page or below! Stay tuned for what we’ve got going on in 2019 after Chris participates in his second Ultraman!